Ridhi Dogra to make her Bollywood Debut in the Action Drama Lakadbaggha

Ridhi Dogra to make her Bollywood Debut in the Action Drama Lakadbaggha

Ridhi Dogra will be finally making her big screen debut as a leading lady with the Action Film “Lakadbaggha” opposite Anshuman Jha. The Film Directed by Victor Mukherjee – goes on floor this month & is written by Alok Sharma.

Having seen the peak of success as a Television Actor & in the OTT Space (With shows like Asur & Married Woman) Dogra has handpicked this project as her debut vehicle because of the team behind it & the issue which the film is trying to magnify – the animal trade industry. She will be seen portraying a Crime Branch Officer in Kolkata & has some serious Action sequences for which she has already begun training & work-shopping with Anshuman (Attached Image).

“When you set out to do the kind of work you wish to do, it finds you. I am not the kind of an actor who will simply jump to be a part of a film, it has to be meaningful, the process has to have some purpose. Which is why I have chosen “Lakadbaggha” to be my feature film debut. I have always chosen to pick teams with depth over the superficial things which are important otherwise. The vibe, energy & passion is important. And from the first moment I saw Anshuman talk about the film, I knew I wanted to be a part of his process because there was passion, conviction & clarity. He, as an Actor is so involved, that I wanted to be a part of that world he was so passionately envisaging. The icing on the cake is that the script has a Humane point of you. I am thrilled & relieved because this is the kind of work I wish to do & the kind of team I want to collaborate with. Very rarely does one come across an Action film whose story, at its core, is Universal & has heart. And this character – A Catholic-Bengali Cop,

a bad ass cop, in Kolkata, very evolved & righteous, yet loving & passionate. I may have played a forensic cop before but this is very different – she takes things head on, she is incharge. She is a woman in power vis-a-vis a woman who is part of the team in power & that excites me. This character has empowered me in a way – training for the Action with Vicky & Anshuman. Also this character kicks ass (literally). I’m really enjoying the workshops & am looking forward to collaborating with Anshuman & doing Action for the first time & doing justice to it.”

Anshuman, who was last seen as a homosexual man in “Hum Bhi Akele, Tum Bhi Akele” opposite Zareen Khan has been training for 4 months in Krav Maga & the film is expected to have raw, street-fight style Action.

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