Will Anka Verma be a Rajya Sabha candidate from Chhattisgarh? Is there no pressure from the high command? Suddenly stirred up by the tour.

Bilaspur- Abhishek Verma’s wife and daughter-in-law of late Shrikant Verma, who came to attend Shrikant Verma’s death anniversary, made it clear that Bilaspur is the work place of her father-in-law, so she has an attachment and it will always be there, she wants to be named after Shrikant Verma. Do social work here through the trust. She is heartily grateful for the love and respect she received when she came here, for Shrikant Verma Shodhpeeth and through the trust she wants to do something good for her father-in-law and Bilaspur and for this Will do all possible help, my mother-in-law Veena Verma could not come here due to ill health, my husband Abhishek Verma also could not come due to medical problem, next time on the birth anniversary of my father-in-law, both my husband and I will come. The work of compiling the articles of Shrikant Verma is in progress. Anka Verma’s activism, which suddenly became active before the Rajya Sabha elections, has stirred up political people, the discussion started that Anka is a candidate for Rajya Sabha, she is going to start her political innings from Chhattisgarh, although Anka has said…

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